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Sora Kiyomeru's tech development

Soren Kiyomeru
Soren Kiyomeru
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Sora Kiyomeru's tech development Empty Sora Kiyomeru's tech development

Post by Soren Kiyomeru on Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:54 am

Name: Horisutoraiku
Description: When Sora uses this ability he stores reiastu in his blade condensing it and unleashes a white with a blue outlining blast from his blade. He can make this attack somewhat hard to read because the way he unleashes it like he can make it curve or act like it has a mind of it's own. But he cannot control the blast and after he uses this attack he must wait two posts and it cannot be in a rapid successsion because it will tire him out.

Name: Hōrīshīrudo
Description: This is a defensive power for Sora is a white transparent shield shaped oddly like a kite and it can take a cero for damage for hollows and up to a level 60 kidou. however anything that can exceed this parameters will cause the shield to break and the shield cannot take overwhelming amounts of damage either. When it breaks way it is gone and cannot be reused for 3 posts.

Name: Kagayaku naito
Description: When Sora activates this ability he covered in white samurai armor with black trimming and the japense markings for 'Peace' and 'hope' on the shoulder guards with black trimming on the armor and he has a white sash hanging loosely around his waist black samurai pants and his shoes change into the traditional samurai wear. On his back made from reiastu he has white angel wings making him capable of some flight while in this form his reaction times, strength, endurance, and reiatsu are all increased.
This form gives Sora a final ability that will automatically end the form and that is:

Saishū-tekina sutoraiki: By placing all of his reiastu at the edge of his blade Sora making somewhat like a razor and the katana takes a shimmering form and he lunges at the opponent as fast as he can delivering a thrust and from the spot a white explosion envelops covering both the opponent and Sora causing severe damage to the opponent and moderate damage to Sora. Another drawback is if he misses the damage and the reverting still occur to Sora.

This form has a time limit for 15 minutes ( I guess five posts) and a very harsh come back it leaves him without his fullbring for the rest off the battle and severely weakens his fullbring.

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Sora Kiyomeru's tech development Empty Re: Sora Kiyomeru's tech development

Post by Kyouga on Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:01 am

Abilities Approved.

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