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Daiseisho Oricaltos (angel form)

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Daiseisho Oricaltos (angel form) Empty Daiseisho Oricaltos (angel form)

Post by Nerovampyro on Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:30 pm

name: enuma-elish, the sword that ends worlds and creates stars.
only in: forme d'ange
description: Enuma elish was the weapon held by first the soul. It is said to be the sword that was used to create soul society, the very trees that were there and even shape the realm itself. it is a sword that had a golden hilt and handle, with the blade being like a lance without a tip. The blade itself is split up into three segments that, when used, will spin in an opposite direction to the segment above it. Each segment movement has the energy equivalent of tectonic plates being moved.

It was said to be in a realm where there was nothingness, only the blade itself. However Daiseisho was able to find it and now it is in his arsenal of weapons. however knowing its tremendous power, and knowing those who would seek to use it, he has hidden it in a place that no-one can find it; his own heart.

downsides: If and when daiseisho were to use this blade it would mean that the after effect is his own death (since the sword is in his heart). the movement of the segments is slow and requires 3 posts to be able to be used in a destructive manner, by which time daiseisho would only have 1 shot at using.

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