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Yukino Empty Yukino

Post by Nikolaj on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:02 pm

I AM Hollow empty inside

Basic Information:

Character Name: Yukino
Gender: Male
Age: 301
Residence: Hueco Mundo
Yukino 2nby79s
Personality: Yukino is a very apathetic, emotionless kid. He could get frustrated at times when things don’t go his way but is mostly sadistic type. He might smile once in awhile. Most things he doesn’t care about anything much and is sometimes lazy.

Your Legacy:
Your Story:

  • I was once part of the living...As a human Yukino attended a high school and had many friends. His family wasn’t rich or poor but they could have been better. He enjoyed his club activities the best and was content with his life. He was especially fond of card tricks that his father would occasionally show him and would find it as a hobby. He rode a bike to and from school every day to get a joy fresh air and look at the sun. Though one day his brother returned home. His brother at a age of 25 ran a major CEO company in Hokkaido and left this family behind. When he returned he has apparently made the family he left bankrupt and left them to go somewhere else in 24 hours.
    It was a rainy day when they left. The father told him and his mother that everything will be alright. But Yukino had some anger in him. While driving a large truck hit them in a major highway and they all ended up dying.
  • and then, I died... Yukino woke up on the wet streets with a chain attached to his chest. He pulled on it to see it was attached to a body. His body. Shocked he freaked out and hit the chain to separate them. He ran from the site not wanting to find out anything more. He ran to an alley where he repeated to himself that it was his fault. His brothers fault that it all happened and took on a strong grudge.
  • i became less and less human, I became, emptyHis chain was slowly eating away getting short and shorter each day. He watched his brother, ruin lives of many and then one day, the chain was completely gone. He grew a white mask and took on a hollow form. It wasn’t big but yet very strong. With that form he devoured his brother’s soul. With his powers he was hungry eating other hollows and souls till he became a Gillian.
    As a gillian he resided in Hueco Mundo eating continuously in pain. Until he was able to survive long enough to become a strong Adjuchas. It was a small one that took the shape of a small tiger. Many hollows and Adjuchas underestimated Yukino and he ate them all with ease. Though he never got stronger. For at least 200 years until he finally leveled up.
  • i achieved great power, but not a power close to Gods Now a Vasto Lorde he took a young human like structure with a broken tiger mask on he’s head. He was one of the strongest espadas in Hueco Mundo. He had a few fraccions under him, usually ones he made with his power. Though some are regular ones that progressed like him. He resides in Hueco Mundo where he sits and does whatever he wants unless told otherwise.

RP Sample: Sitting at the edge of his window Yukino stared out his window looking at the endless miles of sand. He shuffled his cards with his hands and got up and headed out the door onto the hallway. It was empty as usual. All the espadas are always doing something bothersome. “Isn’t there anything to do here.” He muffled to himself looking at the back side of his deck. He picked one up and there lied a picture of a sword with the words THE SWORD at the bottom. “Not fun at all.”

Release Information:
Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Null
Weapon of Choice: Cards
Appearance: A deck of cards that are either blank or have something on them.
Element: Variety
Spiritual Pressure Color:Black, with a sky blue rim
Other Information: The cards absorbe a person’s power and seals it into a card which now Yukino can use as their own weapon.

Resurrección: (1 resurrection state only)
Resurrección Name: Scherzi Tigre
Descriptions: A tiger like form he takes on with a distinct reiastsu that can’t be really described.
Release Command: Carve all, Scherzi Tigre
Released Appearance: Picture soon

Techniques: (maximum techniques 6, re-use the form provided please)

Name: Copy
State: Any
Terms of usage: He must be hit with the enemy’s attack.
Description: When hit with the attack he can than put the card over the damage. The card will absorbed the attack and copy it into the card for the user to use against the attacker.
Downside: You user must be hit with the attack.

State: Any
Terms of usage: Must be a card he coped in the past
Description: Maybe allowed to choose any card he copied and use it.
Downside: Must be a card he copied.

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