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The Black Tide Incident Arc

6th Division
6th Division

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The Black Tide Incident Arc Empty The Black Tide Incident Arc

Post by Duquin on Sat May 21, 2011 6:40 am

This arc is actually a fusion between a portion of a main plot for another forum I planned on doing but never got around to putting into action and a side arc I once did for one of my character histories.

Outline ~ A stranger appears in Rukongai dressed in black wearing a mask that obscures his entire head keeping his identity a total secret. To further hide his true self his mask changes the feel of his reiatsu making it a uniquely strange signature that is unlike shinigami or hollow.

Along with his arrival come various incidents where innocents whom are loved by many in Rukongai are killed with evidence of shinigami being involved in their deaths being left behind. The stranger take these incidents and secretly sparks doubt in the people making many lose faith in the shinigami. Secret meetings are held as he gathers many supporters however no acts of aggression are made...

Once the masked man has influential allies throughout all of rukongai imposter shinigami appear in each district claiming a decree from the king of seireitei that all non shinigami souls are to be exterminated prior to opening a garganta letting loose waves of hollows on the people. The imposter shinigami then vanish without a trace meanwhile simultaneous to this Seireitei is infiltrated by mass numbers of weaker hollow as well. This causes it to go into a lock down preventing aid from being given to Rukongai.

The masked man quickly gathers his people whom in turn gather all those capable of fighting that they can. Black body suit uniforms are handed out which feed on the life force of the user allowing them to manifest faux zanpakutou. This army is then led against the hollows, with each kill the people make the suit absorbs the hollow's life force instead increasing their power.

Once the hollow thread is eliminated the masked man convinces the people that the shinigami behind the attack was legitimate and turns them against the Gotei. The Gotei must find a way to neutralize the rebellion without killing too many people and without being killed themselves. The more lives the army takes the stronger it gets, meanwhile they are led my a mysterious man who's motives for this plot are unknown until the end.

If staff wants to know more shoot me a PM and I will share the details that are better kept secret from the public to avoid spoilers.

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The Black Tide Incident Arc Duquin

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