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Daiseisho Oricaltos

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Post by Nerovampyro on Thu Apr 21, 2011 6:29 pm

Name:astral bow
Description:using a manipulation of the second, the fourth and the ninth izuna clan technique, Daiseisho can form a bow and arrow. He does this by not using the the 2nd move twice, so the astral blade, will have an astral version of itself, then with the 4th, the weapon in hand will shatter into the flail like structure. Part of this will go to the "bow's" higher limb and lower limb, forming the thread where the arrow is forced against. With the remaining pieces the arrowe will be main from, and fired with a portion of the 9th moves power, causing devastating effects. (refer to the Izuna clan blade techniques)

downside: because of the preparations required for this it will be at least 4-5 post before he can use it properly. Furthermore if any part of the making of the astral bow would be destroyed it will unable to work. Though, Daiseisho only will use it when needed.

Forme d'ange: Telum Ariolo


Prima Forme:

Daiseisho Oricaltos Platinum-angel-800

Daiseisho Oricaltos Seraphim_by_Mech_Maker

angelic abilities:

name:divine sword Verum and divine shield Ragnarök.
requirement: being in prima forme d'ange only
description: these two are holy artifacts that Daiseisho is able to wield by the grace of the soul king. The divine sword Verum has the power to slice through anything, even at outside of the swords range. An example of this is being ten meters away from a building and then doing a horizontal slash at the building. it will appear on the wall that it was sliced. To accompany this the divine shield Ragnarök is a shield that is made out of an ancient metal source that can block any and all attacks so long as its up. to block it

Downsides:Though these weapons are mighty and are the perfect compliment for each other, The focus Daiseisho needs yo use them is so great that he can only use one at at time, even in forme d'ange. Therefore to put this into roleplay, he can only use one of the two item comment.

name: All seeing eyes
requirements:only in Secunda
description: The eyes of daiseisho has see so many battles and now he can foresee glimpse on how the battle may turn out. His eyes have evolved from those that see one's energy inside them, to be able to see what the foe will do in a point of time in the future.
downside: he can only do it a few times before requiring the cover his face by the wings.

name: Angelic blade, Gabriel
requirements only in Secunda
Daiseisho Oricaltos Doublehelixsword

Perhaps the least practical weapon in Daiseisho's arsenal of sword, he uses this blade to travel between planes of existence to assist others. It is so sharp that it can rip open a portal to where every she wishes, however there can only be specific points where he can do so.

disadvantage:The blade is extremely fragile and, it not handled with absolute focus, then it will shatter. It will take some time before it would be used again if it is broken, (the thickest part of the design in a nanometer thick.) For the basis of roleplay if it is broken then it cannot be used for the duration of the topic.

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