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Quick Legend of in Game Posting

Haji Yukimura
Haji Yukimura
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Quick Legend of in Game Posting

Post by Haji Yukimura on Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:02 am

For quick and easy reference, here is a brief legend of all basic in game posting formats:


When in game and a character is thinking of something to themselves, it should be posted using this format: ~ Thoughts in my head ~ (using Italics and ~)

Anything posted this way may be read by all other RPers for story purposes, but unless spoken out loud, may not be acted upon, as it is a private thought of the character.


When in game and a character is moving, reacting; anything that involves action, it is to be posted this way: *Running around the room* (Using asterisks)

This format designates that a character is taking some for of action or reaction to what is occurring in game and can revoke a response from other gamers.


Whenever a character in game is speaking there are 2 ways this can be done:

1.) "Here I am!" (With Bold words and quotations)

2.) "Here I am!" (With Color,m Bold words and quotations)

Please not thought that if one persons is controlling the spoken words of more than one character in a post, voices must be separated by different colors

ex: "Here I am"
"But now you're gone!"

Ex 2: "Here I am!"
"But Now you are gone!"

Any spoken dialogue, unless designated by speaker, can be reacted to by all gamers.

::In Game Story::

Describing things without taken action is a part of the game. Typically this is posted as:

The night was long and dark; we seemed lost against its background

with no special markers at all.
however some people use the action asterisks to designate it:

*The night was long and dark; we seemed lost against its background*

This is ok, but must be separated by space from actions to avoid confusion.

Any questions feel free to use the BDRPG Talk section to post them for others to help. Have fun gaming!

BD Staff

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