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Senetue's Resurreccion


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Senetue's Resurreccion Empty Senetue's Resurreccion

Post by Senetue on Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:34 am

Release Information: (This is for future reference, you must acquire this techniques in-game, same with the process of Espada evolution)
Basic information:

Zanpakuto Name: Kingdom Key
Weapon of Choice: A Spear
Appearance: Senetue’s zanpakuto is strange in the sense that it resembles greatly a key with a spear tip at one end rather than the usual ridges. The opposite end resembles an old styled key where it has a strange design while it is also chained to the back of Senetue’s clothing allowing him to pull it back quickly.
Element: Darkness
Spiritual Pressure Color: Violet
Other Information: N/A

Resurrección: (please re-use this form if you have more than one resurrection)
Resurrección Name: Mad Hat
Descriptions: Senetue’s release is strange in the sense that not really much about him changes rather than the fact that his kingdom key disappears. He is probably the only Espada whose appearance doesn’t change due to his release.
Release Command: Bring them to the kingdom, Kingdom Key!
Released Appearance: When released his key spear completely disappears, a small key appearing along the velvet cloth which is wrapped around the rim of his hat. Though don’t trust this by just appearances alone.
Other Changes: N/A

Techniques: (maximum techniques 12, re-use the form provided please)

Name: Mad Hat Trick
State: Regular
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Senetue quickly take his hat off and flips it into the air, it quickly grows before it envelopes his body while three clones of the hat appear on either side. Quickly the hats mix around creating a game of chance where the right hat must be picked to nail Senetue.
Downside: Has a five post cool down

Name: Senetue’s Dimension
State: Resurreccion
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Ripping the fabric of reality apart Senetue creates his own pocket dimension where he can control things that happen within the dimension. He quickly pulls off his hat and tosses it into the air above the battlefield where it sucks in all who are within the current battle and leaves the others behind. From there they are teleported to a realm where anything can happen and even the environment will attempt to attack them at Senetue’s will.
Downside: Cannot trap people within the dimension and can only be used once during a battle. Senetue must be defeated inside of the realm to be released or he must release them by his own accord which is most likely to happen.

Name: Hat Boomerang
State: Regular
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Senetue quickly take his hat off and throws it towards his enemy as it becomes encased in a dense field of reiatsu which can quickly cut through flesh. It acts much like a boomerang and will return to Senetue after thrown.
Downside: Has a two post cool down and the hat can be knocked from the sky if hit by something along the lines of kido.

Name: Snake Eyes
State: Regular
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Senetue quickly take his hat off and flips it upside down in his hand, he quickly pulls out two dice which he tosses at his opponent which they swell to the size of buildings and attempt to smash them. Not only that but Senetue can detonate them as bombs which creates a large pillar of an explosion.
Downside: Has a four post cool down and the dice can be cut by anything along the lines of bankai which will stop him from being able to detonate them.

Name: Reality Break
State: Regular
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Senetue is capable of doing things that people might not believe to be possible at times whether it's walking up the side of the wall, standing below a place or even phasing through buildings. He seems to be the ultimate magician in the sense that he can end up just about anywhere.
Downside: Doesn't really have a downside other than having to adjust to the change of direction when walking along walls and that he can't dodge attacks by phasing for it is merely a move to enable him to get from point a to b without interruption.

Name: What’s in the Hat?
State: Regular
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Senetue quickly take his hat off and flips it upside down where he quickly begins to pull out random objects from his hat such as swords or spears or even rabbits.
Downside: Has a one post cool down and is easily dodge able as long as people pay attention to what he throws.

Name: Nothing Up My Sleeve
State: Regular
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: The title is pretty much a complete lie as Senetue always seems to have an unexplainable amount of things on his person as he seems capable of pulling multiple things from his sleeves as well. The things he can bring out can be either harmless such as a pen or deadly such as a dagger which he can throw. The number of things that he can produce seem endless making him a literal magician in the sense of the word.
Downside: Not really much of a downside besides a two post cool down every time he pulls something from his sleeve.

Name: Mad Tea Party
State: Resurreccion
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: A deranged game of tag which is initiated when Senetue pulls a small table from his hat which quickly grows a table beneath both him and his opposition. The table has many plates, tea cups and tea kettles scattered along it which shift around every once in a while as it’s the job of the opposition to take Senetue. Senetue is also able to freely lift the large and hefty objects to fling them towards his chasers as weapons to keep them away. He must be tagged to remove this deranged place and stop the game for they cannot leave the table until they win or die.
Downside: Can only be used once in a battle and it only affects the people who he is battling and those with a quick reaction can dodge ending up on the table. Yet in such a case Senetue is capable of reusing it every five posts in an attempt to capture them.

Name: Hide and Seek
State: Resurreccion
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: Senetue quickly take his hat off and flips it into the air as it releases a large mansion which traps both Senetue and anyone caught around it within. Anyone who is caught by this ability must seek Senetue within the three story building with rather fancy furnishing. Should his enemy avoid the mansion when it attempts to capture them it will heal Senetue a great deal before returning to his hat. Should they find him within a set time limit (number of posts) Senetue will receive damage before the mansion is returned to his hat.
Downside: Is the only skill that can harm Senetue in return to being played and like the others it can only be used once should it succeed in trapping people but can be used after five posts should it fail.

Name: Dimension Summon
State: Resurreccion
Terms of usage: N/A
Description: It is believed that multiple dimensions exist and Senetue proves this by taking the small key from his hat which causes a door to materialize. From there he can unlock the door and summon what ever he wants whether it be a clone of his enemy to something harmless as a glass of soda.
Downside: The thing summoned as a ten post life span and this skill has a four post cool down after that.
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Senetue's Resurreccion Empty Re: Senetue's Resurreccion

Post by Loli Gaga on Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:20 pm

I love it!! Lets play games together!!

Approved for usage.

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