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The End of Humankind; The Evil Quest


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The End of Humankind; The Evil Quest

Post by Raziel on Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:48 am

Satan enjoyed the fact that human kind was about to be wiped out it would bring the world much closer to the final battle between Heaven and Hell. Dark Schneider was given his chance to show he can wipe out them all with Judas Destroyer the only way was finding the tweleve disciples and getting their rings. The problem was many of the rings were scatter across the world, Satan restored the demon to the starting grounds of finding the first ring which was Karakura town. The first of disciples was Simon Peter now the demon wizard needed to find the right church into which the disciple was buried at. The first church he checked was a local church hearing the song of nuns which pissed him off. This good strucken song needed to stop, Darsh unleashed his fury with his sword after busting the door down.

He charged after the father of the church named Father Pensquire, he asked where Simon Peter was buried. The father refused each time the man refused to tak to the demon wizard, Dark Schneider would chop off a nun's head with his sword. About 8 nuns, Darsh was a violent demon until he was about to advanced to the 9th nun and Father Pensquire started screaming for help.

"Your a smart father you wan't this senseless slaughtering to stop....Ok then just TELL ME WHERE SIMON PETER WAS BURIED...OR THESE IS GOING TO BE A BIGGEST CRIME SCENE IN HISTORY" Darsh said.

"Your mad...I will never tell you those scared tombs will stay you demons won't destroy the honor people of god" Father Pensquire said. Darsh kept on killing the nuns with his sword hacking away with one gory death after another until the father's grandson came to visit the church. He started yelling after seeing the dead nun and Darsh and Father Pensquire started grabbing the demon. Darsh saw the old man trembling as the demon started raising his sword at the kid. Father Pensquire tried fighting the demon but Darsh overpowers the old man as the kid drops to his knees waiting for death to come.

"ALRIGHT, PLEASE DON'T HURT HIM....I..I'LL..I'LL TELL YOU WHERE SIMON IS BURIED please don't hurt the boy" Pensquire said. Darsh lowers his weapon and grabbed the old man by the throat because the demon patience was getting very thin here. " buried at another church 16 blocks away but you'll need a code for the's in my pocket" Pensquire whisper. Darque smirked looking through the old man pocket getting out his wallet thinking he'll keep that for now. Then Darsh threw out some car keys, bubble gum, old pacemaker, lighter, cigarettes and some big bible. Finally, Darsh finds the documents to where Simon Peter and also to where the other disciples where buried, he starts crying because it was going to come true soon. But soon as he reads his hypothesis was on the money each rings was scatter across the world but one was here in Karakura. Simon Peter was buried at Karakura Baptist Church yet was pass code was on the documents. Father Pensquire has done his job, Darsh kicks the kid to the ground as the demon smiles at the old man. "You did good old this didn't have to happen but it did however you get the special prize today" Darsh said. Darsh quickly stabs Father Pensquire in the stomach then raising his sword chopping the old man in half blood splatters everywhere. The kid starts running the old man's dead body and starts crying and Darsh was about to leave the church to his location. "Why? Why? Why did you kill him? He got you what you wanted and you killed him. Why?" Kid said. Darsh turns around saying "Why not? Soon enough it won't freaking matter to you or all humankind"

Darsh lefted the church and some gang started walking up towards him asking for some money or he was going to get hurt. One of guys knew something was kinda off about the guy they were going to rob. Dark Schneider was waisting time and he wanted a war starter as he was losing demon faith fast. He calmly looks at the sky thinking this wasn't going to go well for him but a massacre is what had to happen. Dark Schneider looked at the leader of this gang and pointed a finger at him suddenly his head exploded the gang started screaming. Dark Schneider used one of his high pressure shadow bullets to kill the sonuvabitch leader. "Now that was fun but don't worry let the fun times roll...Beyond and behold the Majin" Darsh said.

This wasn't his final form but Dark Schneider transform into his Majin of Demon darkness state hoping to make sort work of these of fools. He guts one of them with his claws licking the blood as he pulls out the human's heart. He started attacking humans as they started running from the demon wizard. Darsh started killing humans left and right about 200 of them which none of them had the strength to hurt him, he was lucky. The demon wizard thought his sight of his goal was leaving his mind thinking these documents were his only chance of ending mankind. One of the people grabbed the papers from his hand and burn them the demon went berserk killing a teenager, those documents were his only lead to the tombs. However he had the first tomb's location in his sights the Karakura Baptist Church was just many blocks seeing that he'll get Simon Peter's tomb after all.

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