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Ground Zero: The Opening of Hueco Arca


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Ground Zero: The Opening of Hueco Arca

Post by Kyouga on Thu Aug 26, 2010 9:23 am

Right as Ciel and Uruha opened the portal into Hueco Arca, a great eye appeared. The eye was very in human, and Kyouga tried to run away out of fear. Unfortunately, Kyouga's attempt to escape was unfruitful as hundreds of black hands shot out, and grabbed Kyouga's body. Instantly, Kyouga was pulled behind the portal and fell into a dark nexus. His body was then deconstucted rapidly, and he was consumed by the nexus that called itself "Legion". Legion was a massive collective of billions of forsaken Gillian and Adjuchas. Finally, Legion would be able to become a single being that was like no other Arrancar. Ironically, the conscienciousness that ruled over all of the others was Kyouga. He devoured all of the others, and merged into a new stronger body. Exausted from this last act of survival, Kyouga fainted in the Hueco Mundo Desert, where he was found by Ciel. Ciel was the one who nursed him back to health and taught him how to survive on his own. Since Kyouga was Legion, he has always had the ability of "Soul Steal".

Regardless of the flow of time, Kyouga has always kept his lullaby in his heart.

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Re: Ground Zero: The Opening of Hueco Arca

Post by Ciel on Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:42 pm

((Hey nice idea, we can continue the Hueco Arca events here.))

Speaking back and fort with Suzaku who has been bewitched by his twin brother Zero, Ciel's attention shifted from him to Kyouga who attracted some sort of dark force, it took him quick and easy, but not under his watch.

This boy, is one of Ruru's sons, and she would never forgive him if anything happens to him.

Using his world of doors, he caught him just in time, to save his humanity from being completely devoured by this things called legion.

But shifting his focus back and fort to his fight with zero and a fight to save kyouga, he lost the boy momentarily.

he have said shifting back.

He sorrowfully turned to Ruru who looked as shock as he was. She wasn't able to do anything despite having him so close to her the moment they took him.

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