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Le Morgue : Body shop {Hollow Gigai}


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Re: Le Morgue : Body shop {Hollow Gigai}

Post by Preach on Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:45 am

When the gray revealed himself, her silver reitsu flared a moment as her emerald hues locked on the gray man, her left foot sweeping behind her, her right foot taking a slight stance before her as she bent her legs, and held her fists in a boxing position, both close to her face. When she noticed who it was, she raised and eyebrow and relaxed her stance a bit. It was one of the Gray Ones. Operator, she believed is what one of her games called the look, Slenderman in another. The red haired Espada stood up straight and looked to him, although it was evident that she was looking down on the being.

"Hello, I came here for Amilia Gerish, at least I believe that was the name. But before I take her, explain to me Gray One. Why do humans die without grace? What makes them so different from we who simply... fade away?" Emily asked with a calm tone. It was evident she wanted to know genuinely. As she stood, she drifted a hand to the sheet that covered the man, and swept it back over his feet, but maintained focus on the being before her.

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